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Thomas Räcke

Division Head of Energy/Water

Waste water / Disposal

  The ways in which firms in the chemical sector treat and dispose of their waste water and industrial waste has a more profound effect on their public image than ever before. Working together, we would like to set new standards in sensible and responsible interaction with the environment. Our waste water disposal facilities therefore comply with international standards. Our channel separation system provides for the pre-selection of clean water.   

The CWP removes organic substances and nitrates. Only water of the required quality is permitted into the river Saale. A newly installed prevention system prevents polluted water from reaching the Saale and organizes the waste water treatment in the CWP.   

We can efficiently and effectively meet all of your recycling and waste disposal needs in compliance with the recycling laws and waste regulations in force.  

The complete range of InfraLeuna´s department of Water supply / disposal can be found in the enclosed pdf-file.