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Brief Outline

InfraLeuna GmbH and its subsidiaries are the owners and operators of the infrastructural facilities on the Leuna Chemical Complex. InfraLeuna works on a low profit principle. The shares are held by several companies located on the complex. Our acquired know-how, experience and a team of highly qualified and motivated employees have already convinced large international chemical groups to locate in Leuna.

InfraLeuna offers an attractive range of services: amongst others, these include the supply of utilities such as power and water, waste water treatment via the central sewage treatment plant together with analytics in our modern laboratories. Our services enable our customers to avail of cost-optimized shared services in an efficient manner.

Furthermore, InfraLeuna is not only a services provider but also works to develop the complex. Modern site management, marketing and assistance with new investments - with applications for government support for example, are a natural part of our services package. InfraLeuna has an integrated management system and is certified in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection according to international guidelines.

InfraLeuna fulfills the stringent standards of DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001. InfraLeuna is committed to the continuing development of the industrial and the social environments. Good neighbourhood relations are very important for InfraLeuna.