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Our Responsibility for Safety, Health and Environment

We want to continually improve our performance in the fields of Safety, Health and Environment – and measure this progress. InfraLeuna has an integrated management system certified for quality, safety and environmental protection as per international directives. That means that we comply with the stringent standards pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and the SCC check-list. InfraLeuna is a member of the environmental alliance of the State of Saxony-Anhalt. We voluntarily accept our responsibility along with the state government to do more for environmental protection than laws and ordinances call for. Regular internal audits help us in this process. That's why our experts for safety, the environment and medical Checkups are constantly reviewing InfraLeuna. They apply precisely defined criteria to track how our standards are implemented. With our management systems we create lasting value for ourselves and our partners in business and in society

Our Commitment to People

We feel a commitment to the social environment of the Leuna complex. InfraLeuna sees good neighborly relations to clubs, institutions and neighbours including mutual understanding and acceptance as an important prerequisite for business activities on the Leuna Chemical Complex. We also believe we have an obligation to be socially active focusing on children and young people.  

That's why we work together with the Northeast Chemical Associations in the Teaching Chemistry Campaign. We also help schools in our county purchase new equipment and chemicals. After all, there's no other subject where you can demonstrate theory in such exciting practical experiments like in chemistry.

InfraLeuna has an excellent working relationship with the Merseburg College (a university of applied sciences) since an agreement was signed in May of 2003. Merseburg College offers research services while also being a source of highly qualified employees. At present, we have several graduates from the Merseburg College working at Leuna. Our working relationship is based on the scientific community exchanging ideas with the practical hands-on environment. We also agree to joint research activities which include challenging projects for students.