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Dr. med. Josephine Reeg

Division Head of On-site medical services

On-site medical services

For our customers, we can take on all occupational medical health services in accordance with Occupational Safety Law and German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) provision 2.

For your employees, we can carry out the medical checks required pursuant to all government and industrial professional regulations, e. g. including occupational health care (ArbMedVV dated 31.10.2013) or the fitness checks under the principles of the industrial professional association. At present, we carry out  approx. 15,000 medical checks annually for approx. 350 companies, public authorities and institutions.

We are located in the Leuna health centre directly adjacent to the chemical complex. This facilitates easy interaction with doctors from other specialized fields, including general medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and surgery. X-ray examinations can also be carried out by the occupational health services.

The same Company Medical Officer cares for the company’s workforce over a long period of years. Results of examinations are all close at hand facilitating high quality and confidential assessments.  

The complete range of InfraLeuna´s department of On-site medical services can be found in the enclosed pdf-file.