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Kathrin Sommer

Division Head of Safety

Site Security / Fire Brigade

The chemical complex is enclosed by a 25-kilometer-long safety fence. Three gates are manned by the InfraLeuna security team; eight additional gates are equipped with automatic entry-control systems.

Security measures include gate security and a patrol service. Our onsite security department can investigate cases of theft, burglary, damage to property, misuse of documents and breach of environmental laws upon request of our customers.

We can undertake the mandatory inspections for the transportation of dangerous goods, the signing-in of visitors and the issuing of Company identity cards and vehicle entrance permits.

Our firefighters are on standby around-the-clock. Present in two fire stations on the complex, they guarantee a high level of security for both people and property in all parts of the complex. We would be pleased to advise you on questions of fire prevention or assist you in employee training.

The site security department and the fire brigade share a high-tech control centre. All emergency calls and alarms are handled here. This enables us to co-ordinate the activities from a central location. Communication links exist to the district control center of the Saalekreis region as well as to all companies located on the Leuna Chemical Complex.

The complete range of InfraLeuna´s department of Site security / fire brigade services can be found in the enclosed pdf-file.