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Kathrin Sommer

Division Head of Safety

Environmental protection

In recent years, the Leuna Chemical Complex has become synonymous with workplace safety and environmental awareness. We feel obligated to further develop this - therefore we offer a comprehensive service package including advice on legal requirements and standards in radiation protection, emission control, water protection and laser protection.  InfraLeuna can fulfill the legal requirements of designated safety officer in each of these disciplines as required, relieving our customers of these time-consuming tasks.

We can also advise on waste management – including fulfilling the role of waste officer, for those customers who so wish.

If you run plants which are affected by the regulations pertaining to malfunctions/accidents, we can co-ordinate cross-company safety management and can fulfill the role of external malfunction/accident officer.

Your company is obliged to fulfill all responsibilities and duties regarding work safety and health regulations. Within the legal framework, our qualified safety engineers can provide you with assistance and support to meet all these requirements.

The complete range of InfraLeuna´s department of Environmental protection services can be found in the enclosed pdf-file.